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What We Believe
God - Holy, infinite, eternal, all-powerful, all wise, personal, unchanging, revealed in the Trinity.
rb Bible - Inspired by God, 100% accurate, applicable to all, revealing God's plan and purposes for today and tomorrow; given to equip us for every good work.
rb Creation - God created everything from nothing and now sustains all things by His almighty power.
rb Man - Born in sin, helpless, and in need of God's salvation that is freely offered in Christ.
rb Salvation - By God's grace, through faith in Jesus Christ's death, burial, and resurrection for our sins.
rb Eternal Life - Begins at salvation and continues forever, uniting each believer to Christ spiritually.
rb Second Coming of Christ - Personal, bodily, pretribulational, when all believers will meet Christ.
rb Heaven & Hell - Literal place of eternal bliss or torment. Everyone will spend eternity in one or the other.
rb Local Church - Organized body of baptized believers who are to worship God, teach His Word, edify one another, reach the lost, and observe the ordinance of Christ - the Lord's Supper and baptism by immersion.

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